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Market Research - opening the Opportunity!

We are living in quite an interesting times. Consumer habits are changing. Majority of decisions are made on-line. E-commerce is taking over the retail business. B2B segment is making decisions based on B2C experience. B2H is a new buzz word. We really enjoy these times of change and we are ready to help you to find your customers in the new era.

Think about market research

Modern approach to the Market Research

Time for Market Research

How do we differ from traditional market research companies? With flexibility and an open mind. We do not rely just on traditional market research options. We focus on current trends and find customer insights right where they are. So if you want to sell CRM solution, we will focus on finding out not only how many people are looking for CRM, but will find those who are interested in business development. If you are expanding your ice cream business – we will provide you with information about the best sales channels. Basically that means that every product will receive a tailor made, realistic research.

Our offer

For consumer goods (B2C products and services) absolute minimum what you will get:

  • Market volume
  • Competitors overview
  • Competitor product overview
  • Current competitive sales results
  • What consumers expect from product or service
  • Number of potential customers
  • Estimated marketing budget
  • Potential sales channels overview

As we have seen quite a lot of competitors providing high quality but hard to use information in their market research documents, we will make effort to provide easy usable information that can be used by Cxx level decision makers. Number visualization and infographics are key aspect to have nice and clear view on your potential market.

Market Research saves money

Additional Market Research possibilities

Heading for new markets

For companies that require more than initial market research we will be happy to organize following services:

  • One-on-One personal interviews
  • Public surveys
  • Tailor made web based surveys
  • Bar surveys
  • Field trials
  • And of course – A/B testing of localized web page

Please feel free to contact us to get a quote on market research service for your product.

B2B product and service Market Research

B2B market research results will be conducted based on our expert knowledge about B2B segment. As we know that all B2B products are unique so all B2B market researches are unique. We will need to agree on aspects that you would like to get insight on. Feel free to contact us and we will discuss best option for you!

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