Interpreting - real understanding

Interpreting is one of the most challenging, thus the most interesting professional opportunity for our dedicated team members. Each assignment adds something new to their experience. A good interpreter is capable of changing an audience attitude and to improve the overall atmosphere during a speech or presentation.

Interpreting Services

 Professional and experienced Interpreters of M&M Agency can provide following Interpreting services:

  • Simultaneous - the Interpreter renders the speaker's message almost instantly
  • Consecutive - the Interpreter delivers the message in turns with the speaker
  • Conference - a must have for any international conference
  • Court - helping any side to completely understand each other
  • Business - our Interpreters can accompany you to make sure that both parties of a deal understand common goals

What to keep in mind

Interpreting is a very hard task even for a professional. The best results are achieved, if you understand it and we can work in a team. So here are a couple of things you should know to ensure the best possible results:

  • Always hire two interpreters for each language pair if you want your conference to succeed
  • Always provide interpreters with as detailed information as possible. For example - seeing the presentation a of couple days before the conference will allow the interpreter to prepare the right terminology and get hold on the subject. We hope you understand that we do not know all of the types of concrete mixing and preparing proportions.. Yet!
  • Always ensure your speakers know they're being interpreted and treat interpreters with respect regarding tone, speed and clearness of their speech, so the interpreter can build bridges between languages!