Let people understand what your app does!

Well - you have an excellent app or software. You have spent a lot of money and effort on making it look and work good. Unfortunately somehow download and usage statistics do not look so promising outside the local market. That is quite common situation not only because general user attitude differs from one country to another, but as well because it is possible that people just do not understand the added value your app or software provides. Let M&M Agency help you with localisation and you will see great improvement in reaching your international audience.

How we localize software and apps?

To achieve the best results we have came to a conclusion on the best way to localize apps and software:

  • You provide us with a value proposition and application and software for testing
  • We translate terminology and possible local value proposition
  • Both sides agree on the best possible options for final results
  • We do content translation and you can enjoy the achieved results

Additional services

Sometimes even the best translation is simply not enough. So there are some options to achieve perfection:

  • A/B Testing - we create multiple versions for local market, thus you will be able to choose which one works the best. As A/B testing is quite an endless process - we are able to improvise on terminology until you reach the desired result
  • Full life-cycle support - Any app or software develops endlessly. You can integrate our localisation experts to your team, so your international versions will be ready for deployment instantly or with a minimum time delay. Multiple collaboration platforms are suitable for us.