Got a Message? Deliver it!

Slogan. Poster. Multimedia. Brochure. Catalogue. SEO. This list can go on and on just as your marketing ideas. It is endless. 

You have spent tons of time to create your message. And in English it sounds great and meaningful. Unfortunately - it can be interpreted quite differently on local markets. You probably remember Electrolux's (vacuum appliance producer from Scandinavia) effort with direct adaptation of their slogan to US market - "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux". Well, I'm sure you do not want to make such a mistake.

Your slogan. Our effort.

When it comes to marketing translation, the time consumed sometimes exceeds the predictions several times. Believe us - at M&M Agency we carefully review multiple possible options that are related with local attitude and market traditions. 

Your terminology. Our inspiration.

While regarding marketing terminology - quite often our experts are forced to use their inspiration at full. For example - a customer included new cordless product range in their catalogue. A request from the local distributor was to use term "wireless". All direct translation variations of the term "wireless" in multiple languages are perceived as a synonym for WiFi technology. So in order not to sell WiFi lawn mover, we had to implement new term that was self-understandable and sounded good.