Technical Translation - art of making your documents interesting

Technical Translation - we know the drill!

When it comes to any technical document our translators become excited! Really! That is an option to create something meaningful.

Technical Translation Services include all types of technical documents:

  • User Manuals in all kinds of their form. We have translated car owner manuals, binocular user guides, gas plant cooling system detailed descriptions.... just to name a few.
  • Internal documentation - we have done safety guides, training materials, instructions, procedures, regulations. Translation of internal documentation involves quite an interesting factor - human factor. Our translators need to learn local jargon. Sometimes it even includes interviews with local employees. 

Technical Translation is an art of understanding the field, understanding the subject of each specific document itself and creating a target material, which is both clear to the reader, precisely conveys the message and reaches the desired goal - thus the railway switches work as desired and each train reaches the terminal.

What to keep in mind for Technical Documentation translation

We know that our customers have a habit of creating their own terminology. The first translation is the hardest one to manage. We really enjoy working with customers that provide feedback on quality of our translations. That allows us to ensure flawless translation process in the future as we create a term bank for every customer. So we can guarantee that next time when a similar document comes in for translation, our translators will use the same terminology, thus providing consistent translations and wording in a long run.