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Why translate your website?

Why should you translate your website?

Have you ever thought of how many customers you miss? If your website is only in English (or German, Slovenian, etc..) you are missing 74.1% of the Internet market, according to Internet World Stats. This situation in the European Union is even more complex. Native English speaking population forms only around 15%. And according to Harward Business Review72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language. Let's do simple math: you are more likely to miss 312 Million of potential European customers just because your website is not translated into a local language. 

Ergo - let's start with basics of on-line shopping in an international level and exceed your expectations! 

How do we translate webpages?

Website translation can be easy and can require a lot of work. Here we have gathered methods that we can use to translate your website:

  • You provide us with a full HTML export that we translate and generate a return file in a target language. All tags and HTML elements are intact and reflect the same view as the source file. Benefits - the fastest way to translate website. Drawbacks - can cause layout and regional discrepancies.
  • You grant access to the Content Management System (CMS) of the web site and we translate directly on your website. Benefits - translator checks how the localized version is displayed for the local user and can manage layout and use correct words. However - here you have to trust us completely.
  • You create Word, Excel, PDF or any other standard copy of your website. As a result you will receive an exact look-a-like version in the local language of the document that can be sliced for your web page. Benefit - quite fast translation, while involves an additional work for your design and website technical staff.
  • You create an online collaboration document like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 360 or similar that contains all the information that needs to be translated. Benefit - the best solution if you need translate to multiple languages side by side. But take into account that an additional effort is needed to control the translation process itself.
  • If you have a clean php page, you can export constants and we will translate constant splits one by one of your website. Benefit - almost none. Except it is easy to export. Drawbacks - tons of them. Like - the translator does not see the context of a translation. Like - a need to check final result for quadruple times.
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Additional options for translation

Additional benefits

Our translators can add additional value to your website. We can help to increase local customer flow to your website by using correct keywords that really work on local market thus improving your SEO rankings. As well you can expect most valuable free advise - on how people will react on your product.

So - time to translate your website!