We are up and running

Finally! It took like forever to launch more or less working version of our site (actually - less than month from blank domain to initial launch). Currently seems that we are able to provide basic information about us and our services.

Decision to make webpage to market our translation services was made long ago. Involvement in multiple long term translation projects and various short deadline ad-hoc jobs postponed creation and launch of this page. One morning we were drinking coffee and browsing web when I just somehow landed at godaddy.com and just bought domain. And so - we have a website! 🙂

About our blog. We want to provide insight our daily life from fun perspective. Almost every day there are something interesting that we are translating or seeing regarding translations. So if you decide to follow us - we guarantee that you won't regret that and time to time we will make your day!

As well you can expect to meet our cats helping to translate some projects, plants that we like and our friend's pets.

See you around!

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